Tales From a Cancelled Country

Launch Event: 18/06/2015
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Tales From a Cancelled Country: Launch Event
Thurs 18th June 2015, 6.30pm - STUC Building, Woodlands Rd

This is a free event to launch the first publication from thi wurd books, Tales From a Cancelled Country. The event will feature a sequence of short readings from the book, as well as drinks, music, and discussion.

The directions to find the venue, the STUC building on Woodlands Road in Glasgow, can be found here: Venue

If you would like further information on this event, please contact:


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Fighting for Scottish MP Votes Against Hunting
Kirsten Anderson - Campaigner, Network for Animals

In a further display of his sociopathic lack of empathy, which has already brought about the suffering of thousands who are currently going hungry in 2015 Britain, David Cameron wishes to set back animal welfare by more than a decade, and repeal the Hunting Act by putting it to a free vote in the House of Commons.

Bloodsports have no place in a civilised society and if Cameron gets his way with this, what will he attempt to do next?

To find out more about how the SNP may hold the key to saving animals from suffering and death at the hands of a minority elite, and to sign the petition to urge the SNP to do the right thing on voting day, please click here: The Petition

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