Pauvre Maman
by Stuart Blackwood

I recognized a red haired woman from the last time I’d been, still holding her arm in a sling across her chest and resting her good leg on her trolley. I’m sure it was her. She might have died there and been happy... click here to read more

The Angina
by Frankie Gault

Och well, that’s thum away noo. Sure, Senga, the wife, she’s away wi the twins, Danni and Franni. Christine wis in earlier. S’pose they all got a fright. S’pose a did masel... click here to read more

Ye Think So
by Michael Gribbin

Friday, the only day ay the week that a practically run hame fae school, well no fae school ah’ve been doggin it fur the best part ay three month... click here to read more

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