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thi wurd - Issue #3

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Published Oct 2018 by thi wurd - £8.00 - Plus £2 P&P

Issue #3 of thi wurd fiction magazine features the opening chapter of James Kelman's as-yet-unpublished novel, Creative Chronicles: Jack Proctor Reporting, as well as an extended interview piece. Janice Galloway contributed the wonderful short story 'peak', and in the Review section there are essays on Mark E. Smith of The Fall and the great Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol. There is a range of brilliant new stories and original illustrations, as readers have come to expect from new editions of thi wurd.

Work In Progress

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Published March 2017 by thi wurd books

This book is free as it was commissioned by the Scottish Trades Union Congress - £2 P&P charge

This anthology - compiled and published in support of zero hours workers - grew out of classes that took place at the Scottish Trades Union Congress in Glasgow in 2016. In these pages you won't find writing that is agenda-driven, or witness art being employed as a vehicle to serve the political. But these stories and poems are profoundly political in the sense that they deal with day to day struggles and experiences. In an age of bland soundbites, art can go into much deeper places. And in this collection, when themes of gender, class, language and power emerge, they do so organically from within the characters' lives.

Tales From a Cancelled Country

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Published June 2015 by thi wurd books - £9.99 - Free P&P

In the aftermath of the electorate of Scotland choosing to vote 'No' to becoming an independent country, Tales From a Cancelled Country brings us 17 stories, all of which show aspects of what it means to be human. Many of the writers in this anthology have appeared in thi wurd, a magazine established in Glasgow in 2012 to provide a platform for people striving to create literary art. Added to those are new voices, some published for the first time. The stories include Who Is Killing The Fringe Comedians of Edinburgh? by Alan Warner, who also provides the title for the collection.

thi wurd magazine issue #2
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Published September 2014 by thi wurd - £6.00

Issue 2 features a special and extended interview with novelist Alan Warner, as well as new fiction, original artwork, and a reprint of a classic story by Katherine Mansfield. A new addition to the publication is a Review section - the subjects include folk singer Matt McGinn, American writer John Fante (who Bukowski famously referred to as "my God"), and the work of celebrated Spanish movie director Fernando Leon de Aranoa.

thi wurd magazine issue #1

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Published December 2012 by thi wurd - £4.00

Issue #1 contained poetry from Tom Leonard, a classic reprint of Sherwood Anderson, an introductory essay from magazine editor Alan McMunnigall which can be read elsewhere on this site, 12 new short stories, and a variety of illustrations by visual artists. This issue is now completely sold out. However, as well as the introduction, you can read some stories from this first issue in our Fiction section.

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